The Lord’s Artisan

I’m The Lord’s Artisan. For much of my life I was miserable because I was not doing the things God had called me to do. I ended up operating on autopilot every day. I can honestly say, I felt the reality of the delusion the world tries to sell unsuspecting souls. That we are no more than empty shells, blackholes needing to be filled with carnal desires. Although, from Who I needed most, I ran. For eight years before 2020 I only existed yet attempting to distance myself from Jesus. He however is faithful and did not distance Himself from me. Due to injustices and traumas inflicted by those who claimed to be God’s children, I tried to live in rebellion to Jesus. Regardless, even more so hurt by the betrayals than I was, His voice unwaveringly beckoned me back to the path. Then the infamous year of 2020 came about. That is, it was horrible for many, but for me and many that are of like mind, 2020 came as a year of deliverance, a year of vision. Pun very intended. It was as though God hit a reset button on my life. Jesus led me to understand who He had created me to be. A husband, a father, a praise and worship leader, a psalmist, student and teacher of His word, encourager, a musician, a music producer, and a sound engineer. I am also an artist, and have published my first children’s book called, Quick The Brown Fox, which may be found on this site. All of this happened shortly after I discovered the key to unlocking our freedom from everything this world throws at us. Learning how to surrender to God. Want to know more? Come follow Christ with me.  

The scripture of Matthew 22:14 has also truly come alive in my life. For many are called but few are chosen. I know I am among the chosen, for as much as I have tried to get away from The Call, The Call would not abandon me. Now my life is totally lived creating for The Lord, allowing The Holy Spirit to express Himself freely, using these gifts He’s given me to bless others, and drawing them closer to The Father. My life now being lived the utmost for His highest.

This blog is for you to hopefully receive more as a believer, be better equipped in these last days, and if you do not know Jesus, that you can get to know the God who bared it all for you. He did not have to do it, He did not have to bear all our sins, but for the sake of His love for you, He did it all, and would do it again if He had to. What greater love than to lay one’s life down for His friends.

To glorify Jesus and as a benefit to you, I am working on completing my first album. It has truly been part of this process of surrender, discovery and growth into who Jesus says I am, we are, and what we are capable of by Him. It has literally felt as though I have been building an Ark, for the salvation of souls in these last days. The Holy Spirit has been the One taking me through the entire process of writing lyrics, composing, mixing and mastering without any prior knowledge of any of these skills. It has been a test of faith in Christ and discovering that I am His artisan. Who are you for Him? So much Biblically prophesied has been transpiring for us to not know the answer to that question. Hope you stick around and see what we can discover together. God is speaking! May you come to know how much The God of our Lord Jesus The Christ loves you and has blessed you also. Peace and blessing!

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