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My list is pretty short for now, but this will be changing very soon. Other projects in the works as well, all Christ centered and inspirational. More titles to come.

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The Fire Within Description
Push play if your rather listen, for faith comes by hearing. Enjoy!
The Fire Within Book Sample

“If you don’t know Jesus is real, you’re going to know it by the time you finish this book! Walk with Ruta as she details the events of her life and how God directed her to begin ministry in a state where she knew no one, caused her to leave behind family, career and a steady paycheck, and left her no choice but to face fears that had previously stopped her. Ruta’s is a life lived “walking by faith and not by sight”, taking each direction from the Lord step-by-step not knowing where the next one would lead. Watch how the power of the love, expressed as obedience, has healed, and delivered not only Ruta but also the lives of the many she has touched. If you’re afraid of surrendering fully to God or if you just haven’t for whatever reason, this book may be just what you need to get down on your knees and say, “God use me for Your will, for Your glory.” The events of Ruta’s life will make you say, “Oh my gosh!”, “No way!”, Praise God!” and “That’s a miracle!” and will inspire you to die to self in a way that causes you to cross the Jordan’s of your own life trusting God in such a way that the precious satisfaction of intimacy with God transforms you as you walk in a greater purpose, greater love and the deep satisfaction that only knowing Jesus can provide. Read this book and you’ll see that faith that goes forward, triumphs!”

As narrator of Ruta’s story, this journey written in The Lambs Book of Life, I have been blessed by the life, death, and resurrection Jesus has led her through in this book. Being the voice of this work has been a journey of increasing my dependency on Jesus. I’ve laughed, I’ve wept, I’ve fought, I’ve been victorious in Christ, and strongholds in my life have crumbled as The Holy Spirit worked through me on this project. I thank God for allowing this story to increase your faith in Him and bring you closer to remembering your first love, Jesus.    


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Quick The Brown Fox

“My name is quick and I have plans to be the highest jumping BROWN FOX IN ALL THE LAND.” Quick the Brown Fox is a story about a little brown fox with an incredible dream and a lazy dog whose only dream is getting to dreamland as fast as he can. There is more to the artistry of this book than its vibrant colors-each page has been individually created with stimulating and fun activities for both children and adults. There is also a wonderful message for all ages. Go ahead, take the adventure with Quick, start learning and fulfilling those dreams.